IQAN systems

IQAN control systems

From Parker Iqan based crane control systems, we can offer different configurations, simple 6-propo solutions to control just the crane basic functions, and 2 x on-off functions for the outriggers. The 8-propo solutions available as, app-controlled systems, autonomous monitor controlled systems and finally, Iqan base system + radio control combined systems. For Iqan base system expanding, are available Scanreco, Imet, Autec radio controls. We offer simpler 6-propo systems based on components Iqan MD3 and Iqan XA2 as pairs, 8-propo solutions, as Iqan MC43 proportional module combined with Iqan G11 bluetooth + Iqan GO app, or combined with MD3 and / or MD4 monitor. From the side of input devices, all modern 5V signal joysticks are suitable for the Iqan systems, example from our product program are available: Otto JHM 3D, Caldaro C15 3D, Parker LC6 4D.For outriggers (support legs) or other functions proportional control we have available 1D micro joysticks or rocker type propo knobs.