Caldaro multi joysticks

Caldaro multi-button joysticks

C15 multi-button, 5 & 12 switches

Caldaro’s multi-button 3D joysticks are the best combined solution for controlling the simultaneous functions of the crane and harvester head or energy cutting head. Caldaro C15’s new multi-button joysticks are available with 5 and 12 on-off switches.  Circuit board and electronics are potted with compound which protects them from threats such as salt, mist, water, lubricants and viritually all chemicals. The shaft is manufactured in one single piece and with extended dimensions. This makes it practically impossible to bend. The best material has been chosen for each component. The rubber mixture endures the toughest conditions. The C15 offers single, single + direction switches, double or double independent sensors.

Caldaro C15 12 x on-off