Fabercom system

Fabercom control system

For simpler applications where one or two operator crane speeds are sufficient and system expansion or additional options are not required, we can offer cost-effective control systems, based on a simple 8-propo Fabercom controller. The system is easily configurable, for example, as a 6-propo + 2x x on-off system or an 8-propo system. The operating speeds and functions smoothness are set up using the micro keyboard.From the side of input devices, all modern 5V signal joysticks are suitable, example from our product program are available: Otto JHM 3D, Caldaro C15 3D, Parker LC6 4D. For outriggers (support legs) or other functions proportional control we have available 1D micro joysticks or rocker type propo knobs

Fabercom STU PWM 8-propo module